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Are you a leader in the middle of your organization?

Perhaps a director, manager, coordinator, principal, assistant superintendent, or other middle level role?

You should attend if you want to...

✅ Explore the phenomena that happens when you are leading in the middle of an organization or the middle of a project/initiative

✅ Unpack the Messy Middle and determine how you want to show up as a leader in tricky, messy situations

✅ Learn strategies to center yourself, care for yourself, and navigate the messy middle

✅ Create a plan for mindfulness practices to gain clarity in identifying your next steps for managing the messy middle.

You should attend if you want to...

Dr. Donna Vallese

Inspiring Leaders LLC - CEO & Leadership Coach

Greene Central School District - Director of Learning and Continuous Improvement

Dawn Gaden

Create Conscious Living - Owner & Self Image Coach 

How does someone from New York and someone from Michigan come to together to collaborate on this interactive webinar?  

This collaboration began taking shape in April of 2022 when Dawn and Dr. Donna both met in person in Northern Ireland for a mastermind at Crom Castle. There they were among the 25 authors who launched their anthology called "The Art of Risk and Reward" (an international best seller in the UK, Australia, and in the US) and they both became International Speakers in front of an audience representing 8 different countries.

With Dr. Donna focused on leadership and Dawn focused on helping people find personal health and wellness, they spent hours discussing how their businesses and services overlapped. It is through these deep explorative conversations and a collective desire to truly serve others that, Leading in the Messy Middle was born.  

Inspired by the book, "The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through The Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture" by Scott Belsky, Dawn and Dr. Donna saw how leaders in the middle of their organizations are often not just overwhelmed by being in the middle of some big initiative, but that these leaders also had added complexities because they were in the middle of an organization. This meant that they had to not only lead those under their title but they also had to finesse leading upward to those above them as well as outward to other stakeholders. A leader in the middle of an organization needs to lead 360 degrees around them while a leader at the top only has half of that to lead.

So, Middle Level Leaders... come spend some time with Dawn and Dr. Donna who will help you find ways to calm the chaos, control the mess, and become the leader you know you are destined to be.

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